Alight motion video editing // whatsapp status kaise banaye

My dear friends, all of you are very much welcome in this article of ours. Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you the very best trending status tutorial on a very banging song, which is going to be a lot of fun for all of you, so friends, all of you are going to like it very much, so friends You are requested to stay in this article till the end.

Friends, have you seen in this article that this video of yours has been created with amazing new effects. Friends, I always bring this type of post for you.

to make this type of status, you will need an application Alight Motion, so if you people have any problem, then you can ask by messaging once. If you have any problem in downloading then you have to watch the video and set it.

First of all what you have to do. Have to look at the article carefully. Along with liking the video, first of all you have to open your Alight Motion Application. After opening, some type of interface opens in front of you. Now we are going to tell you STEP BY STEP how to do what.

Friends, you are going to make status in today’s article exactly like the thumbnail you are seeing above.


First of all you have to open your ALIGHT MOTION application. when you open your ALIGHT MOTION application, you will get to see a very nice view, you will need some of my materials. Like: – Beat mark, shake effect, green screen template and some background photos will be required.

ALIGHT MOTION is an application by which you can edit your photo or video in an attractive way and make a very amazing video, which I am going to tell you step to step, so friends, read this article completely.

Open Beat Mark

Friends, when you scroll down, you will be given some projects, which you see in the photo, which will be beat marked, on that you will become a wonderful status by putting your photo or anyone’s photo. above you are having some photo show, on which there is beat at many places, in the middle of the same beat, you can put your photo or anyone’s photo, first of all you have to put photo in the middle of the beat. First of all, you will see the symbol of plus below, when you click on it, your gallery will open, then you can put whatever photo you want.

Open Shake Effect

You have to go ahead by clicking on the photo here and then clicking on it and pasting it like this. After going ho some type is visible in front of you. If you want to put a photo of which size, then it seems that your photo should remain, but by clicking on the photo you have here, everyone will have to convert the photo and keep it here, click, ok,

The ad green screen is written on the green screen and here. If you had added each of the video clips, you would have clicked on plus and by clicking on the name, there would have been a job button, but it attaches in this way.

After the completion of the video

Friends, our status is complete, now if you want to import it, then you will see a dot button above to import, then you will click on it and you will see export below, then click on it and export it, then this is your 5 Become expert in minutes.

2GB RAM – 25 – 30FPS

3GB RAM – 30 – 40FPS

4GB RAM – 50 – 60FPS

6GB RAM – 60 – 60FPS

How To Download Materials

Friends, below you will get to see some materials, which I am going to tell you to download, below you will get to see Song Beat Mark .Shake Effect & XML, you have to click on the same logo, wait 15 seconds for open materials stock , if another page opens, then you have to do the same process again. After that you have to click then it will be imported directly into your Apps.

beat mark